Campaign of the Month: November 2018

The Red Hand

On each side of the split screen is a POV scene. An attractive, mostly naked, young woman stands in a Tooth and Hookah room on each side.

Their strikingly similar features betray their filial relation, but they are far from identical.

The girl on the left’s hair is long, white and currently holding the two different tunics she is considering while her hands are otherwise occupied with kaf and some sort of pastry.

The young woman on the right’s auburn hair falls naturally on her alabaster shoulders. Despite her milky, iris-less eyes, she seems to be staring directly at the other occupant in the room, a playful smile on her lips.

The girls speak as she lightly pokes her bedmate’s foot:
“Come on twinkle toes/silver tongue, you don’t want to miss the assignments this morning. Thanks again for a fun night. I left you some kaf near the door. Just make sure to lock up on your way out. With some luck, maybe we can do this again tonight.

They smile.

The scene cuts to the hallway where Samir and Hasdrubal run into each other, kaf in hand, as they close different doors behind them. They look at each other, slightly uncomfortably, then share a laugh and make their way to grand temple.


♪♫ Smooth operatorrrrr ♪♫ Smoooooth Operatooooooooooor ♪♫

The Morning After

The only way to improve that scene was to cap it with this:

The Morning After

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The Morning After

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The Morning After
Cardinalis Cardinalis

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