Whadi Confidential





The setup

Following the recent disaster in Whadi’s Necropolis, a mysterious stranger has taken advantage of the chaos to establish a clandestine organisation in the old city. You are some of its earliest members and these are your adventures.

Character Creation

You are voluntarily part of a criminal organization. There are no crunchy rules to enforce this, but this isn’t the time to play the noblest of paladins.
Also, you are either native to the area or have been here long enough to be noticed by those in the know in the local underworld.


  • With very few exceptions (looking at you futuristic robot stuff), all the official Paizo stuff is legal. You want your character to be a Kasatha Medium? Sure, just make it cool/badass. Also, keep in mind that all the other kids are gonna laugh at you.
  • Although not strictly prohibited, wizards are discouraged. If you are a wizard, you will be an active apprentice to the Academy.
  • 25 points motherfuckers! That’s right!*
  • Start at level 3
  • Background: I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, so it’s not compulsory. You give me one, I’ll use it (plus you’ll get some bounties), you don’t, well… Personally, even if I don’t write something out, I always like to create a mental image of my character’s past, so, if you just want to tell me your background in a chat, that works too.

Whadi Confidential

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