Edeno Sodas

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As the Elders tell it, the world was created in the midst of a terrible war. The Gods had just won a decisive battle and routed their Abyssal foes, allowing for a moment of respite. It is then that Karaliené, the Most Powerful, asked of her consort that a firmament be built so that the waters of the heavens be separated from the waters of the earth. And so he did. And from the waters below, she called forth a paradisal island she named Edeno Sodas.

As the Elders tell it, when the Gods pulled Edeno Sodas out of the sea, everything was already as it should be. All twelve tribes were accounted for, with game and fruit aplenty to feed the fledgling mortals and fulfil their every need. While disease and hardship existed, death was unknown and the Gods spoke to the people through their chosen ones, who would intercede with the Gods on behalf of the afflicted and the downtrodden and serve as a conduit for Gods to administer their divine will. All was well, for a time.

As the Elders tell it, Thanatos was a servant of the Gods before he rebelled. His treasonous words found a home in the hearts of many, leading to a civil war that almost led to the End of Days, for Thanatos had brought death into the world and the people of Edeno Sodas no longer knew life immortal. The Gods prevailed against Thanatos and his minions, and these were cast away into the bowels of the earth. The damage had been done, however, and death must now constantly be kept at bay.

This is why every year, shortly after harvest, when Thanatos’ tower springs forth from the depth of the earth, a group of chosen youths, one from each of the six remaining tribes, must venture forth, storm the citadel, climb its highest peak and perform a ritual of rejuvenation to stave off mortality for one more year.

You are one of these youths. May the Gods guide you.

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Edeno Sodas

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