What are they?

Bounties are in-game rewards for out of game awesomeness. The idea is to make the game more fun for everyone. They are collected by players, not characters.

How do I get them?

Short answer: be cool; long answer:

  • Bring food/drink to share: 1 bounty1
  • Create a character page with stat block: 1 bounty
    • Background: +1
    • Portrait: +1
    • Update with level: +1
  • Do something awesome-cool and make the game more fun for everyone (DM’s prerogative): 1-3 bounties
  • Host the game: 2 bounty1
  • Write a session log: 1 bounty1
    • In prose vs. point form: +1
    • In character: +1

1 Can only be claimed once per session.

What do I do with them?

You can use your bounties points to buy power tokens. These special, one-use powers can be purchased during any rest period. Each player can only hold one power token at a time and there can only be one copy of any token at the table at a time. Here’s a short list of the powers and their cost:

Is that a threat‽ (2 bounties)
At first, it looked like Tryst would barely hit the troll, but a quick flick of the wrist and the dagger solidly embedded itself in the brute’s eye.
Turn your hit into a threat (you still need to confirm) or their threat into a hit

Lucky Save (2 bounties)
Something distracts the guard at just the right time; thank you Mr. Squirrel!
Reroll a failed save. You have to use this power before knowing the effect (damage) of the spell.

Power Fluctuation (1 bounty)
You hear a hum as the arcane energies flare up around you.
A charged item regains 1d3 charges or an item with limited daily uses regains one use,

Strategic Redeployment! (2 bounties)
It isn’t running away, it’s just a…
You move up to half your speed without provoking attacks of opportunity. You can use this bounty to nullify a hit, but you must declare this use before damage is rolled.

Timely Recovery (3 bounties)
Just in time, you regain your focus and the spell pattern comes back to you.
You regain an expended spell.

Valiant Surge (3 bounties)
Just as things take a turn for the worst, you surge forward with unexpected energy.
You turn in your power token and get an extra standard action.

Second Wind (2 bounties)
When your blood in more outside then inside you, time for something good…
You turn in your power token to recover one third of your hit points.

1.21 gigawatz!!! (2 bounties)
Just in time, you apply extraordinary magic means to your potent spells.
When turning in your power token you can apply a metamagic feat to your spell on the fly. The metamagic applied must be one that modify the spells by 1 or less. To apply a most costly metamagic the price goes up factorially. A +3 modifier would cost 6.

Convenient Plot Device (2 bounties)
This situation deserve something more, let’s make sure it goes into the story.
When turning in your power token you can insure that a story arc or narative details is enable for the person or group.

In one of my older campaigns some of the rewards were fluffy story-rewards, but it doesn’t make as much sense in this particular campaign. That said, I’m always open to cool suggestions.


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