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  • The Warrior and the Sheppard

    Nasah got a message from Hasdrubal to meet him in the academy gymnasium. When he made his way there, he found the gymnasium to be relatively quiet. A couple of other wizards, who he suspect are transmuters like Hasdrubal, are sparing. Hasdrubal is by

  • Nasah's guide to practical Necromancy


    Although I came from an humble foresters background, I am confident my studies at Coldspire Academy will shape me into a capable necromancer and my writings will be remembered through time. All too often we see manuals

  • Nasah's guide to practical Necromancy - 4

    Note: Part 2 and 3 are still not written yet.

    Undead Control

    Spending some time on the field, and especially in Whadis necropolis and the city itself gave me opportunities to increase my grasp on general necromantic

  • Nasah's guide to practical Necromancy - 5

    Of Necromancy and Men?

    I must apologize if the following will shock or even repulse some of you but I do believe it is a necessity to expand your mind and reach fringe necrotic arts. I have mentioned before my travelling companions, and Samir

  • Nasah's walk

    Nasahs walking

    What this place again, why are there so many people, arent we trying to be discrete? Heres Hasdrubal wearing his fancy armor and mask, I bet hes going to spin his swords to impress the

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