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  • Orfée's nebulous thoughts

    I have seen the sky; the world beyond the walls of the academy and then the world go dark and darker yet. It felt strange and at the same time reassuring knowing that I may move to my next life. I know, there is yet much to do and accomplish in the

  • Samir's Adventure log - Part 2.

    What a morning weve had! What with the stingings, and the bitings, the trap triggerings and the humiliation-by-dolls

    Weve come to the conclusion that some extra healing is in order, so a delegation was sent to the market to sell some of our

  • The Avatar

    The religious chanting of the priest of Ananrath, cleansing the amphitheatre grounds of mischievous spirits, could be heard reverberating in the underground gladiatorial waiting area. Hasdrubal scooped chalk from the stone bowl and rubbed his hands

  • Orfée's first day

    I must say the end of this first adventuring day is one special day. My companions and I continued exploring the tomb, finding a trap that threated to drown us all. I am wondering if I would ever do a good adventuress as I was not sure what to do. I

  • Dha-No the Merciless

    Three months now. Its been three whole months since my wife and children left me. What turned out to be a great business opportunity ended up being a nightmare for me and my dreams of acquiring wealth.

    Back in Sekunta, I made a drinking

  • Samir's Adventure Log, Part 3

    What a terrible headache. My mind is still groggy from yesterdays festivities.
    Theres always a price to pay when too much of a good thing is experienced. That is our lot in life, us poor mortals. But no time to contemplate on the virtues of

  • Orphée's 3rd digression

    The sun was getting up and the smell of cooking was great. I rose up from my bed and enjoy the promising day of new exploring. Getting our new assignment was our morning chore, receiving the instruction and blessing of the priests seemed the perfect

  • Thoughts from Orfée

    Well, I must say that so far today was not a bad one at all. Ok we had our challenge like in the library where that paper scroll tried to kill Rhea and the library attacked us and then the bizarre monster with a head like a mouth; also the false

  • Closing my forst adventure

    Well, I am back to the academy. I am pleased with that, being finally in a safe environment where brain is supposed to be the prime moving force and not muscle. I must say that our last tour of this underground holy place stroke me as a place where

  • Samir's first taste of the Heavens

    Today I will not bother to regal you with stories of my adventures, for today I met my end at the hands of of that hussy who had a screaming match with our former ally, Mavrikos (oh how I miss his skill with the blade! Moreso than making slight fun of

  • Samira's adventure log

    Well, were back at the Academy from our recent adventure and in need of a much deserved rest.

    A rest consisting of getting back into our oh-so-much exciting chores of scrubbing, sweeping, laundrying.

    Gods Im BORED

  • The auction night - by Orphée

    A full week of rest, study and enjoyment of peace and research. I must say I enjoyed it and wish it lasted longer but our masters have decided otherwise. After meeting with our masters in a secret room, I understood that we missed our main objective

  • Samira's Adventure Log - Part 2

    Weve survived the night, thanks in part to my usefulness! Mine! Like, Samirs! Whoda thunk it?!

    Of course, this helps in boosting my already too good mood to dangerous levels. As our strategists confer on our next move, I softly whistle a tune

  • Orphée promenade

    Well, last night and today were interesting days. After the auction we helped the city with undead issues. This as not as fun as it could have been but the gate of the necropolis are secured for now.

    The next day finds us helping and trying to

  • An unfortunate meeting at night

    Soritsu shuffled his feet, nervous. The minor city official kept glancing left and right, weary of the undead that was still plaguing the city, particularly during the night.

    He was starting to regret accepting this meeting, especially

  • Samira's adventure log - The fireball festival.

    After a good night of killing and nearly getting killed, we come back to the priests headquarters to report on the Silver Chain Gangs annihilation. Yay Mewling Quims!


    As we walk the streets, we see that the richest merchants, those

  • Orfée's first use of enchantment

    this is a good ay so far. We are far from done by I am happy!!! Yes, finally today I was able to use my magic to help the group. The unlady like leader of the group of enemy that we meet before in our last tomb temple I should say is now my

  • Guilty Pleasures...

    While perhaps the most academically-inclined school heads, Althea knew full well that her post carried some political role to it. She did not particularly enjoyed this aspect but

  • The Litany of the Mewling Quims

    The Inn of the Tired Horse was filled to the brim this evening, for it was a rare occasion that a bard of Hulio the Fairs fame came all the way to this cursed outpost in the middle of nowhere. The surrounding farmsteads and villages all congregated to

  • The Second Litany of the Mewling Quims

    Hulio the Fair kept strumming his lute, building up the excitement from the crowd. Another inn at the outskirt of civilization, excited that the legendary Hulio would deign to grace them with his presence, He that would be laughed off the stage in any

  • How to better help...

    As the sun was slowly setting over the glacier, looking out the windows the blue shadow of her robe made strange hue behind her on the floor. Thinking back to the past few days, the events were still burned in her memory. After much time gazing on the

  • Hostess against her will

    My last adventure was somewhat special. I never thought I would be incarnated into another living being in such a symbiosis and then share her experience and knowledge, fear and love, vision and nightmares. She was so like me that it was hard for me

  • Orfé's class assignment

    As I prepared for our next adventure, I got to seek a special magical object. This circlet would help me understand better the things of magic and knowledge. I was a little surprised by the price to pay for this magic item. Mistress Althea was very

  • Samir's Adventure log - Arazi - Part 1

    So after our little encounter with sea spikes, were back at the Academy, ready to go at a new place to get that thingamabob we want for you know [wink] [wink].


    So after our Masters are done with our reports, we are to meet a masked

  • Conundrum of Mavrikos faith by Orfé

    Well, these last few days have been interesting. We have travelled to the old monastery of Mavrikos to find clues of where the next piece of our quest would take us. I must say it has become a spiritual challenge for our friend Mavrikos. Firstly the

  • Samir's Adventure Log - Dream on! - Part 1

    More grapes, Samir? she murmurs, nibbling at my ear.
    Of course, Sweets as I open my mouth to be fed by that gorgeous creature I had a fling with back in Whadi; the sister with the hair-limbs.
    So tell me, what would you fear losing most

  • Samir's adventure log - dream on! - Part 2

    All right, ladies and gents. Sit tight, cause its gonna be a complicated retelling of the events following our encounter with the Tengu clowns we just beat up to a pulp.
    I will try to give out as much insight as I can (understand) into our

  • Samir's adventure log - dream on! - Part 3

    [META: too long since last session so lower quality post for me this time I guess hehehe]

    Ok, so we arrive at a mansion, where we soon see some weird-looking little faerie arguing with an animated violin. While the

  • Orphée's dream walking

    Well, the last thing I truly remember is not giving up my self up to that witch or entity that control dreams. When I woke up I know I was in a dream world with my companions. We were investigating a way to get the prize of our mission.

    Well I

  • Orphée Quaaltz lament

    Well my friend, this feathered serpent was a power charm on my soul and I am sure on some of yours. It terrible to be consumed by guilt and not finding a true friend to help you in these moments of terrible self inflicted pain.

    I thought a

  • A chink in the armour...

    Spirits were high around camp. They had finally acquired the last token, getting ever so closer to retrieving the Stone of Serenity and escaping Sonorae's grotesque dream realm. The only thing standing before them was Zassrion, the dragon. The

  • Hasdrubal's Sudden Celerity

    Hasdrubals Sudden Celerity

    School transmutation ; Level sorcerer/wizard 2, magus 2


    Casting Time 1 swift action
    Components V, S



  • Hasdrubal's Uncanny Senses

    Hasdrubals Uncanny Senses

    School transmutation; Level Wizard/Sorcerer 3, Magus 3


    Casting Time 1 standard action
    Components S, M (a pinch of Monosodium glutamate)

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