Xiao Hu (小虎)

Kobold Archer


Xiao Hu (pronounced shee-ah-oh who), or Little Tiger, is a 2’6" humanoid with a scaly, hairless hide, reptilian head, and tail, and weighs roughly 34 pounds. His hide is grey-black in color, with ivory-colored horns. When in complete darkness, his eyes glow a disturbing red.

This cold-blooded lizard has a peculiar smell, like a cross between a damp dog and stagnant water. His scales are like that of an iguana, but become so fine around the tail that it resembles the naked tails of a rat.

He wears a necklace made out of teeth. You would expect these to be trophies taken from the corpses of his enemies, but these are mostly his own which he kept because he liked their shape. He keeps himself well-groomed, regularly polishing his horns, claws, and teeth.


Xiao Hu is an exile from a tribe of kobolds serving the great dragon Qiu Long (pronounced chee-oh law-ng), the Great Horned One.

His parents were eccentrics, always questioning orders – a sin for a kobold – and were punished for their heresy. His mother was executed and his father was exiled before Xiao Hu could imprint upon his dragon master and receive his adult name.

Life as a kobold, bereft from the protection of either dragon or tribe, is not an easy one. Every betrayal and every kindness has marked Xiao Hu greatly. Shortly after his father passed away, Xiao Hu found solace within a convent. For a few months, they employed Xiao Hu as a handyman, until a new abbess kicked his monstrous ass out.

Xiao Hu continues to seek a dragon to serve. A kobold does not know peace unless he takes orders, this is known. But perhaps a daughter of Bahamut would do in the stead of a son of Tiamat. Or not. Xiao Hu will be content with whatever dragon he finds first.

Xiao Hu (小虎)

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