Orfée kor Samfund

Little bluish lady with a smile.


“Life is beautiful, enjoy it to the fullest and never regret what you can’t change, your next will be blessed with the flower of life and boon of existence.”

Level 3 Enchantress, level 4 Oracle, Mystic Theurge 2

Vital Stats
Str: 10
Dx: 13
Con: 12
Int: 22
Wis: 10
Char: 17

HP: 69
Save: 5; +5; +9
AC: 16 (touch 11)
Speed: 30 Init: +2
BAB: +5
Dagger: +5 (19-20*2), D6
Spiritual Hammer (2, range medium, D81)
Acid Splash: (Max Range 35ft), range touch +4 (20*2), D3

Racial and Trait
Well I am not human, +2 int, char, -2 cons, low life vision, lifebound
Birthmark, Focused mind trait

Common, Samsaran, draconix, celestial, elf, infernal, auran, dwarven, Terran

Class abilities and powers

  • Scribe scroll
  • Arcane Bound (ring)
  • Opposed school: illusion, necromancy
  • Channel Energy (4/D) [2D6]
  • Comprehend languages (1/D)
  • Deathwatch (1/D)
  • Intense Spell
  • Stabilize (1/D)
  • Lay on Hands (5D6 cure) 5/D
  • Force Missile 9/D (D4+1 dmg)
  • Recall Spell 1/D
  • Life link
  • Channel Energy 4/D (2D6) save DC 15

Warrior priest, spell focus (evocation), Prophetic Visionary, Merciful spell of life curse (+0 lvl); Forge Ring


  • Diplomacy +16
  • Heal +11
  • K-Arcana +20
  • K-Dungeoneering +11
  • K-Engineering +10
  • K-Geography +12
  • K-History +12
  • K-Local +10
  • K-Nature +12
  • K-Nobility +11
  • K-Planes +12
  • K-Religion +14
  • Linguistic +12
  • Perception +10
  • Sense Motive +4
  • Spell craft +19
  • Survival +2

Important Equipment
ring (arcane bond), pearl of power lvl 1 (*5) headband of intelligence +2 (skill perception), amulet NAC +1, ring +1 darkleaf studded armor +1, troll styptic (2), cure light wounds potion (2), handy harvesack, cloak of protection +1, wands: MM lvl 3 (50), Web bolt (40), Spiritual weapon (10), CMW (50)


This average height human looks cold all the time with his bluish hue. Always dress well, speaks well and enjoy the company of others this little fellow seems to enjoy and threat life as precious. She tries to help others especially when asked properly and nicely. Her demeanor seems to always get people on her side even when sometimes convincing has to be done…

Well you know this fellow did not enjoy his arrival at the school. What you know is simple, she was enjoying his youth with his family and learning slowly what would maybe one day become a trade. All this stopped suddenly when the darkness of abduction and being carried in secrecy in a big bag over her head for days until she was delivered like mail at the school.

Well, she was not happy but after a while she learned, made new friends and now seems to enjoy a new place in this world and accept the faith of his new found family and life.

Her physical qualities are at best similar to any farmer.
Hers mind is sharp as many a student in the school.
She does not always think all over before acting, but he got moderate sense.
She’s got a sweet tongue and usually this is best weapon.

She is moderately equipped but he appears mostly with his student (scholar) outfit and does not seem to concerned about what others think of him.

Orfée kor Samfund

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