Jerrymandrix, PhD

The world's third most educated leucrotta...


Five feet tall at the shoulder, its tawny fur coated with dried and clotted filth, Dr. Jeerimandrix is a powerful beast weighing over 800 pounds. The sharp bone ridges that line its oversized jaws instead of teeth are incredibly durable and, combined with massive jaw muscles, allow its bite to shear through bone and even steel.

This freakish beast has the head of a badger, the hooves of a stag, a wide mouth with sharp ridges of bone instead of teeth, and a doctorate of philosophy. To eat or not to eat, that is the question. To eat, that is the answer. Always. It prefers to consume its prey gear and all; vomit up what it cannot digest and pick through the debris in search of valuable items that might help it lure in prey.


Dr. Jerrimandrix (Jerry, to his friends; and no, YOU can’t call him Jerry) has dedicated his life to the philosophical aspects of Game Theory, with treaties such as the Prisoner’s Dilemma (Which prisoner should I eat first?), the Tragedy of the Commons (I seem to have eaten everything in these commons, time to move on…), and the dreaded Monty Hall problem (Where did Monty hide? I bet it is behind one of these doors!).

Last seen at the Coldspire Academy, where food is plentiful – albeit not sentient – it has put on hold its dream of eating an entire ogre in one sitting in order to pursue instead the most elusive of preys: tenure.

Jerrymandrix, PhD

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