Eydan Stormmane

Discoverer of truths


Eydan appears human. The complex blue markings that you (fellow members of the Cold Spire) have seen swirl across his skin are usually concealed. He is tall with brown hair, vibrant green eyes and thin to the point of appearing delicate, but his skinny bodies is more resilient than it look.

Also contrary to the other students that you have knew for most of the past decade, Eyden arrived one day about 3 years ago and simply started taking classes. A few of the teachers were annoyed, but didn’t say anything about this turn of events. Within a day he was settle in at Cold Spire and new his way around.

He is enigmatic, intensively curious and a bit shy. He spends his time blending into a crowd, remaining unnoticed and “listening to the wind” (eavesdropping).You may have overheard a teach mention that he is now a more likable and outgoing then when they knew him.

LV5 Wizard (Wind Listener) Specialist School: Elementalist of Wood (Evocation), Op school: Metal
Male, Age 79, 6’1, 160lbs
Race: Sylph
Type: Outsiders (Native subtype)
Languages: Common, Auran, Draconic, Elven, Aquan, Ignan, Terran, Sylvan.

HP: 30 – HD 5D6 +5

Str: 10
Dex: 16 3
Con: 13 +1 (
2 Enh)
Int: 23 6 (2 Enh) 2/2/1/1/1/1
Wis: 10
Cha: 10

Move: 30
AC: 18(20) +3 dex, +4 Mage armor +1 Buckler, +2 AC vs non-magic range att
Saves (F/R/W): 3/5/5 +2 save elec and air effects, +1 cloak
Energy Resistance: Electricity resistance 5

Spell Slot L0-4 L1-5+1 L2-4+1 L3-2+1
Skills: (35) used 30 Total=skill/Class bonus/Stat/Other
Acrobatics Dex 6 = 33
*Appraise Int 10=13+6
Bluff Cha
Climb Str
*Craft – Painting Int 10=13+6
*Craft Int
Diplomacy Cha
Disable Device Dex
Disguise Cha
Escape Artist Dex
*Fly Dex 8=23+3
Handle Animal Cha
Heal Wis
Intimidate Cha
*Knowledge(arcana) Int 13=43+6
*Knowledge(dungeon) Int 10=13+6
*Knowledge(engineering)Int 10=13+6
*Knowledge(geography)Int 10=13+6
*Knowledge(history) Int 10=13+6
*Knowledge(local) Int 10=13+6
*Knowledge(nature) Int 10=13+6
*Knowledge(nobility) Int
*Knowledge(planes) Int 10=13+6
*Knowledge(religion) Int 10=13+6
*Linguistics Int 10=13+6
*Perception Wis 9=53+0+1 (2 detect Abjuration traps)
Perform Cha
Profession Wis
Ride Dex
Sense Motive Wis +1=0
Sleight of Hand Dex
*Spellcraft Int 14=53+6 (2 detect Abjuration)
*Stealth Dex +13=2
Survival Wis
Swim Str
Use Magic Dev Cha

Airy Step (Sylph)
Spell Focus (Evocation)

Focused Mind (Magic)
Slippery (Combat)
Lessons of Chaldira (Religion Chaldira Zuzaristan)

Flexible Enhancement (Su)
Splintered Spear (Su)
Spontaneous Divination (Su)
Abjuration Sense (Ex)

Whispering Wind


Eydan Stormmane

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