Althea "Gestalt" Guezult

Mistress of Forms


Mistress Guezult is, generally, a pale, attractive, middle-aged female humanoid. Obviously, as Mistress of Forms, head of the school of transmutation, the shape she wears at any time is naught but a costume. One quality remains regardless of her shape: her cold analytical mind and demeanor.

Althea is one of the most academically-inclined of the school heads, far less interested in any political games, be it at the Academy or down on Lyria, than in her research into the quantum meaning of gestalt…

She is also known to take the most attractive male students as her disciples, which has earned a bit of a reputation as a cougar, though no one would repeat it to her face. Despite rumours, she seems no warmer to her disciples than any other members of the Academy.


Althea "Gestalt" Guezult

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