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Visit to Bithia and Amon Thesh

First mission with the Mewling Quims

My first task with the Mewling Quims was tolerable and as expected.  The group aren’t bad companions.  When he applies himself, Nasah cleaned up nice, I’ll have to give him a few tips on how to properly ajust “” and was a good companion.  Hasdrubal was a little distracted du to the nature of the strained relationship with his father and still he was a decent traveling companion. 

We gated to the plains outside the city as expected.  There, shortly after, we were disturbed by a pack of dire hyenas when its prey had the indecency to cross our paths.  I directed us to a defensible position and proceeded to see how the Mewling Quims would handle the situation.  As anticipated, Hasdrubal fearlessly took a lead position in our defense, Nasah readied his bow and prepared to bolster our line of defence by summoning some monstrous allies (a commendable line of reasoning) and Samir cast some illusion that was adequate enough to fool some wild animals and scare them away.

A much too brief encounter to provide adequate tactical information, further observation is required. With Samir around, a certainty to be provided. 

We then travel to the city of Bithia without further interruptions.  The Mewling Quims custom mode of travel leaves much to be desired, something I shall rectify tomorrow.  Once at the city gates, as expected the guard questions us question us and they all looked at me as if they have never entered a city.  A natural inclination due to my presence I’m certain, so it was my duty to step forward and gain us entry into the city.  True be told, with Samir present it was a better that I handle the matter then for us to be mistaken for vagrants or bandits.  It also gave me the occasion to secure adequate logging for the evening.

From the innkeeper I learnt the location of the Trading House which we decide to visit the following day. We settled in for supper in the main dining room. I enjoyed a surprising good evening. The entrée was a delicious tartare of beautifully aged beef with dots of black garlic mayo, crunchy hazelnuts, crisp celery, and fried shallots. Chef Peter Orr has a strong background in Nahm(Savane) cuisine, and that sensitivity to balancing flavors and textures has dramatically improved this traditional French dish. My plate of farm-raised pork garnished with crumbled boudin noir and crowned with a bite of pork crackling. A smattering of silky soft gnocchi and porcini mushrooms completed this earthy, sensual dish that had me finishing it to the last bites. Followed by a dish of lobster with earthy boudin noir and tart wild strawberries provided a mind-bending and delicious jolt. The beverage pairings were brilliant, leaning heavily toward local natural wines but without the ill-chosen funk I often encounter elsewhere. The pistachio sablé with cherries, pistachios, and cherry pit ice cream. It’s a wonderful treat to finish with something so skillfully balanced and so worked.

At first, I approached a small gaudy couple festoon in gems, only discovered that they were a “nouveau rich” without interest, conversation or taste.  I continued to circulate though the room and meet an interesting gentleman, a Captian Itamis.  We discussed spirits, trade and the possibilities of opening of new markets here in Bithia.

The next morning, we made our way to the trading house.  Blindly questioning the workers at the trading warehouse provided us with good fortune as we discover that Amon Thresh is alive and present in the city. He lived in a Villa further up. 

We approached the villa and when enquiring for a meeting with Amon Thresh, discovered that he had a daughter that had died and that he did not have a son.  We withdrew to the Inn.  Hasdrubal sent a little to Amon Thesh requesting a meeting in a public park later in the date.  Samir reappeared with a simulacrum of Hasdrubal that he could control.  The simulacrum met with the man-at-arms of Thesh in the park with near Samir while the remainder of us enjoyed a light rose on a terrace overlooking the park.  The simulacrum and Thesh representatives exchange a few words and Samir screwed something up as they both promptly drew their swords and hacked the simulacrum.

Somewhat disconcerted by the response, we returned to the Inn.  There Hasdrubal shared with us some of his past and how he escaped and that the consequences for his family were to be sentence to death.  Later we received a letter from Amon Thresh, inviting us to his manor for a face to face meeting.  After the meeting in the park, my companions were somewhat skittish, so I let them to the meetings knowing that we are form the Coldspire.

Once admitted promptly into Amon Thresh presents, we exchange a few words where I inform him that Hasdrubal is protected by the Coldspire Academe.  He foolishly ignores us and concentrates on Hasdrubal.  I permit this family drama to occur as this is an important link from his past that holding him back and needs to be exorcised.  Father and son exchange fiery words and neither is willing to relent. This escalates to blows and Amon guards try to interfere.  We easily distract them, Hasdrubal overcomes his father and gets the guards to stand aside. Amon draws a hidden dagger and stabs his son.  Nothing very dangerous for the likes of the mighty Hasdrubal except than the daggers is poisoned and lays him low.  I realise that this act is ended and it’s time to exit this stage.  I call the group together and teleport us back to the Inn, there I bring us back to the Academy, except Hasdrubal’s state worsens, we are out of time and still far from assistance.  Although ill prepared, I apply my great skill, a generous amount of Cognac “Cuvee Léonie1885” and manage to counter the poison and save his life.   We then drag Hasdrubal to Orfee’s room for recovery.  (I really must memories a mount spell tomorrow.)

And this brings us to a close for the night.


DM can confirm that the Cabal leader kindly asked to retire that group name. :P

Visit to Bithia and Amon Thesh

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Visit to Bithia and Amon Thesh

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Visit to Bithia and Amon Thesh

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Visit to Bithia and Amon Thesh

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Visit to Bithia and Amon Thesh

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Visit to Bithia and Amon Thesh

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Visit to Bithia and Amon Thesh

Visit to Bithia and Amon Thash. First mission with the Mewling Quims. My first task with the Mewling Quims was tolerable and as expected.

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Visit to Bithia and Amon Thesh

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Visit to Bithia and Amon Thesh
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