Campaign of the Month: November 2018

The Red Hand

Thoughts from Orfée

Well, I must say that so far today was not a bad one at all. Ok we had our challenge like in the library where that paper scroll tried to kill Rhea and the library attacked us and then the bizarre monster with a head like a mouth; also the false cultist in the desecrated shrine without forgetting the zombies in the monk’s chamber.

I am happy; our little band of wizard is getting along fine. I think we are starting to get along and understand each other, move and act like a group of adventurer that have the same goal in commun and act as a real unit. I think the exploration of the underground of this ancient holy place will help us cement this unity and collaboration. We are getting there and it is exiting!

I am also happy that today I did not add any life threatening experience to my list of nightmares, it is a good thing and I hope it will continue to be for the rest of the day, I am crossing my fingers on this happy though!


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Thoughts from Orfée

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Thoughts from Orfée

A volte i giocatori sono stigmatizzati come troppo isolati. L’ascesa delle esperienze multiplayer su Internet ha lasciato il posto a una nuova forma di convivialità. Puoi giocare con persone diverse e comunicare con persone sociali diverse. Ecco casino deposito minimo 5 euros dove posso trovare il pacchetto perfetto per giocare con gli amici. Ti aiuta a capire persone diverse e sopravvivere con loro.

Thoughts from Orfée
Cardinalis Fran_Horace

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