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The Red Hand

The Warrior and the Sheppard

Nasah got a message from Hasdrubal to meet him in the academy gymnasium. When he made his way there, he found the gymnasium to be relatively quiet. A couple of other wizards, who he suspect are transmuters like Hasdrubal, are sparing. Hasdrubal is by the archery range, flinging arrows. He is doing ok… but Nasah can tell it’s not his bread an butter. Hasdrubal catches his colleague approaching from the corner of his eye and turns to him.

«Have you brought your bow?»

Nasah pulls his longbow and strings it. Hasdrubal extands his hand, curious to try this elvish weapon.

He lets fly a couple of arrows, more centered than his previous ones, then returns the longbow to Nasah. «Impressive craftmanship…»

Hasdrubal steps aside to let Nasah the spot. «Now you try it.»

Nasah steps in, pulls an arrow and aim at the target.

Schtak! Bulleye

pulls another arrow… takes a deep breath…

Schtak! Bulleye

pulls another arrow… concentrates…

Schtak! Bulleye

Hasdrubal puts his hand on Nasah shoulder. «Ok, I’ve seen enough…»

«It is obvious you got a gift with the bow, Nasah. I don’t want to disrupt the plans Ogma has for you but I hate to see a martial talent go to waste. Surely you have heard of arcane archers? Archers that can use magic to empower their arrows with a magical payload… It is a path you should consider for yourself.»

Hasdrubal leans in and nudge nasah ribs with his elbow
«Plus… I noticed you had an eye for our friend Rhiella. It would be a good way to make an impression on her… You know women loves warriors…»

Nasah obviously taken by surprise as much by the elbow-nudge as by Hasdrubal’s words deeply blushes and incoherently replies back:

«Ahbhuah… heh.. Yes of course, I’ve might be caught once or twice to take a peek at her ‘features’ but I would’nt do… of course I’d do her… It’s not what I mean… But yeah woman sure loves imposing warriors with sweaty chiseled chests!!»

Nasah takes a deep breath, focuses back on his weapon, ceremonially un-strings his bow and puts it aside in an excruciatingly obvious way to try to regain his composure and then returns his attention towards Hasdrubal.

«Thank you for inviting me here. This is a nice distraction from all that book reading, scribing and getting bitten by all sorts of sand critters…»

The archer stares into the void and you can discern a hint of nostalgia.

«No, I never hear about Arcane Archers, I come from a small recluse village called Green Tops, nothing much happening there… See I am torn between my studies which surely will make a difference in the world and my love of archery and all what nature can offer. I will definitely look into this, combining both of my passions would be ideal!»

Hasdrubal nods.

«It would, my friend.»

«This life of lectures and studies… it sharpens the mind but it dulls the body. I can now wield magic, but I don’t let that define me.»

Hasdrubal unsheathes his falchion. «This. This defines me. I am a warrior. First and foremost. Know that there is no shame in such. Even within the confines of these walls.»

The apprantice necromancer, clearly inspired by his fellow student concludes:

«Thank you Hasdrubal, this little chat did me good. I think it’s time for me to take stroll in the woods. I need to feel the grass between my toes, smell the foliage and watch the butterflies dance around before I get back to my books…»


Nasah and Hasdrubal present to you this little piece of collaborative adventure log writing. I hope you guys will enjoy. :0)

The Warrior and the Sheppard

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The Warrior and the Sheppard
Cardinalis Korut_Zelva

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