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The Red Hand

Samira's Adventure Log - Part 2

in which curiosity nearly killed the cat (or is it pussy now?)

We’ve survived the night, thanks in part to my usefulness! Mine! Like, Samir’s! Who’da thunk it?!

Of course, this helps in boosting my already too good mood to dangerous levels. As our strategists confer on our next move, I softly whistle a tune and make a song on the fly, to the tune of that old sect anthem, the StoneCutters.

♫ Who discuss things endlessly
Who gets beaten thoroughly
We doooooo. We dooooo
♫ Who see death’s light everyday
Who kiss monsters all the way
We dooooo. We doooo!
♫ Who fireballs the easy foes – Who acid splashes.. THE PROS?
We doooooo we dooooo!
♫ The Mewling Quims! Yay Us!

The reaction I get from Hasdrubal at the mention of our endearing name is something I shall exploit in the near future at any chance we have. Maybe announcing him to strangers as our leader would be a nice start. I wonder how much it costs to hire town cryers…

Aaaanyway, we end up going to the Priests’ HQ to ask if they needed a little help and they asked us to go help guard a Necropolis Door. I’ll add “Guard” to my list of accomplishment I guess.

As we make our way to our target, we encounter a bunch of young looters, busy stealing the goods from an old geezer’s tea shop. I steel myself for a loooong talking session from the scribes, but I’m pleasantly surprised by the sudden blood lust exhibited by our group and join in the fun of bullying small bullies. The fight is a piece of cake, and after a scolding by Ofrée and Rhea, things return to normal and we’re off to our designated door guarding area.

When we arrive, we are met with a priestess who wants us to add “errand boy” to our résumés, as she wants us to fetch ingredients needed to perform a binding spell on the door. As she is writing a list of ingredients, some type of shadow thingy comes through the door and set its sight on the oblivious god bootlicker. Rhea, who never seems to be surprised by anything (challenge accepted!), see it before anyone else and interposes herself between the sycophant and the Shadow. Quite brave, coming from someone who I secretly watched struggle filling her cup with a water pitcher who was full during our first night of celebration. The gamble worked though, as we were able to kill it, with yours truly performing the killing blow no less!

The immediate threat being neutralized, we confer and there is a debate between doing what we were asked to do and sending me above the wall to rain down fireballs into the midst of the undead pushing against the door. We settle on one of my favorite philosophy of “Why not BOTH?!” and I fire one from the murder hole before going back to do our errand.

After being good boys, the high priest mentions the disappearance of one of their senior members who happened to be at the auction a few hours previous. Rhea seems to know everything already about the old fool, so she shares the information she has. Damn know-it-all; she better not know what I’m about to test with that newly acquired appendage I got for myself tonight…

So we’re to go into a side of town called “The Veins” where Rhea pinpointed the location of the damsir-in-distress. Arriving there, we are met with 2 city guards who tries to make us believe that they have the situation under control and that we should leave.

I use my magic to become besties with one of them as Rhea makes the other one go night-night with one of her 3000 scrolls of sleep spells (methinks we got ourselves a chronic insomniac in our midst).
We are able to pry information out of my new friend about a recent change of management in the Silver Chain Gang in the form of mask-wearing duderinos or some such. Anyway, off we go to apprehend (ha!) the baddies!

Of course, the first thing we do is fall into a pit. Well, Hasdrubal did (Yay-not-me!), but he’s a tough nut to crack (unless you sing “Mewling Quims” nonstop during the whole night from the room next to him) and comes back out, using a rope three of us struggle to hold on to.

Next we come into a storeroom and while we explore the place, Nasah gets attacked by animated internal organs. And he gets hit HARD! We nearly lost the poor sob. In this fight. Orfée save his life, as usual and we are barely able to kill the damn thing. A special thanks to Rhea for summoning cannon fodder after cannon fodder to split the atrocity’s attention. I had a stroke of genius yet again in this fight when I activated my cursed ring and became a corpse, thus making me invisible to the creature.

We then opened a door that led down stairs to a canal used for deliveries. Our squabbling alerted 2 thugs and a hyena who asked us what we were doing there. Before I could golden tongue them à la Samir, Orfée came forward and tried her best to remove their suspicions to little effect. The blood, gore and Nasah’s litres of vomit on our clothes didn’t help at all either, but a fireball into the room downstairs quickly killed one of the villain and we did short work on the hyena. The other one jumped in the water and escaped.

We then came into an alchemy laboratory where an idiot killed himself with a bad experiment or something. The poison was still in the air and got hold of Orfée’s senses. She started bashing her head against a wall and had to be physically removed from the room. Since I was still a corpse, I had no such problems, so I remained in the room and looted the place good. We found a note on the corpse about something for someone to do things before something did a thing to something… bah! I gave the list to the smartest cookies in the bunch and let them figure things out. Thinking is boooring… and dangerous when I do it.

So we liberated the naked abductee and burst into the boss’ room with Rhea’s summoned pet at the ready. Before the boss could yell what the hell was going on, Rhea created a pit under him, which he avoided falling into. BUT, Hasdrubal bull-rushed him so good into it that he also fell in with our foe, along with Rhea’s pet… and another one she was summoning. The three of them were having a field day on the poor bastard, so while I kept shrieking encouragements to Hasdrubal (Go Hasdy! Brake his legs! Make the Quim Mew! Mew Mew, Asshole! Die!), I went in search of treasure… and never saw two bodyguards exiting a secret door and attack me in unison. I was a dead man for sure! But YET AGAIN, Orfée saved my sorry ass, which I will be eternally grateful for until I die.. and she bring me back to life again I guess.

Damn curiosity of mine will be the death of me, but I just can’t help it! I can’t wait to master illusions more and be able to be unable to see most of the time! Ohh the pranks I’ll pull. For instance, did you know that the “Sculpt Corpe” spell can make me either smaller OR bigger? Since I can do it multiple times in a row, guess who’ll take a dragon-sized shit on our group’s stronghold during the night one day? THIS GUY!!!! Ha!


You wouldn’t! :O

Samira's Adventure Log - Part 2

I love reading Samira’s Adventure Log since they are extremely appealing and attention catching. You need to read reviews before help in thesis on time. I wish I could have such adventures in real life. in my opinion, Samira who is the main character of this story is very lucky.

Samira's Adventure Log - Part 2
Cardinalis SebDano

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