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The Red Hand

Orphée's 3rd digression

The sun was getting up and the smell of cooking was great. I rose up from my bed and enjoy the promising day of new exploring. Getting our new assignment was our morning chore, receiving the instruction and blessing of the priests seemed the perfect segway into more adventure.

As we went towards our mission, I must confess being surprised at a group of men with a kobold attacking us out of some ruins. Well, they were very nasty and almost kill our poor Hasdrubal with an arrow to his head. Very nasty men, they try to kill us more, and especially that big one of them capturing Mavrikos in his net, slashing him with his big sword. Well, Nasah manage to kill this brute and turn the tide in our favor, until ghouls appeared and started feasting of the bodies.

The ambush and the ghouls were no fun and joy at all. I must that this event was not on our planning and it gave us something to reflect upon in our further exploration. The culminating point is that I was paralyzed and first on the menu choice of these foul creatures. I must thank my fellow wizards to run with me paralyzed because I surely did not look forward to the experience of being eaten alive by an undead creature.

After escorting the survivor and delivering to the authorities some of the ambusher, we came back to our mission. The mansion is big, surrounded by an old wall. Upon entering I was subject to a powerful fear aura that made me lose my mind and just want to run away. That is where things got for bad to worse, snakes, venomous with a fine selection of skeleton and some angry undead dogs. Well, if I were a body shield, then I would have successfully accomplished my mission on this day. I got bitten a few times, losing my health rapidly and plummeting down towards death again. Again my companions that are more combat savvy than me killed the snakes, the dogs and the skeletons leaving me and Mavrikos in very hazardous healthy hindrance to everyone. I think we need to get powerful healing to restore our health and try again this place…

In all, my accumulation of life experience is increasing dangerously fast toward some I don’t care to know that much: paralyzed, poisoned, and feeble in my body. I hope the next few one will bring back balance and positives points.


Well, this is the most beautiful story passage I have read in days. The thing which I liked in it is that it made grademiners review very subtle and sound from all other rush and hasted stories.

Orphée's 3rd digression

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Orphée's 3rd digression

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Orphée's 3rd digression
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