Campaign of the Month: November 2018

The Red Hand

Orphée promenade

Well, last night and today were interesting days. After the auction we helped the city with undead issues. This as not as fun as it could have been but the gate of the necropolis are secured for now.

The next day finds us helping and trying to investigate the disappearance of one of the priesthood. Well our friend Rhea was tracking this one as he had suspicious behavior at the auction. This helped us track him faster. We did get to silver chain hideout, anyway what we think it to be. I hope we will find clues to the whereabouts of our higher mission.

Inside, we fought some guard thugs but one dangerous and were nasty thing. I though I had seen many bad things and experience some more with the vargouile, but this internal organ undead-construct of I don’t know what was one nasty thing and very strong at it. I never though some people evil enough to create such abomination… Well now this newer nightmare is pass and I will add it to my list of experience for my life…

Continuing exploring we found a lab where poison and alchemical mixed were done. To what end we don’t know but this was yet again nasty stuff – is the world that bad? I hope not but I have yet to find true evidence of goodness and compassion in the areas we explore.

Finding the final place where the leader of this organization is located, we enter and a fight erupted almost immediately. The result is as expected, blood and killing everywhere. I am sad that we could not resolve this other ways. I must I am partly responsible and got carried away by the group where they prepared for a fight I should have stepped up and insist on a parlay of some kind. We are looking for information after all and now the only way we have that I can think of to have some information is to dabble with a corpse – how barbaric… I think we missed a preciously rare opportunity to capture the local head of this organization and get good facts on how and where the item we are looking for maybe located…

Well, we are now going back to the inn, celebrating a victory that does not feel like one to me and see how we can figure things out…


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Orphée promenade

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Orphée promenade

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Orphée promenade
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