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The Red Hand

Orfée's nebulous thoughts

I have seen the sky; the world beyond the walls of the academy and then the world go dark and darker yet. It felt strange and at the same time reassuring knowing that I may move to my next life. I know, there is yet much to do and accomplish in the world to fulfill my harmony, it would be a shame not to continue.

Reflecting on how I ended up in this predicament is a tale on its own. It all started yesterday where I was selected amongst other fellow students to go into the city of Wadi and into their necropolis. Why? Simply because it was now opened for plunder and treasure retrieval. Now that necropolis of Wadi is opened, we have to go, seven of my fellow students and me into the unknown of the world with our limited power, outside the security and containment of the academy. We arrived to the city quickly and got assigned our area of the necropolis – why did it had to be a necropolis… undead and all, this was not good. We needed to investigate the area, report our findings and go back.

I must, my first impression of the place was a good one, many old stones, beautifully sculpted, decorated with care and artistry. All build to stand the test of time, transmit to younger generation the knowledge of the previous, underlining important aspect of everyone buried here for the future. We are more than a thousand years after and their memory is still around and not entirely lost to time. The mausoleum assigned to us does not make an exception. The tomb of Akhen Tepis is illustrated with his life accomplishment and major milestones depicting his strength and family.

While we were exploring, we founds animals, deadly traps and many interesting artefacts. Most animals were hostile and did attack us, I hope out of their instinct of territory protection more than just to arm us. It while we were exploring a room that looked empty at the beginning that my faith changed completely. Big desert spider – Solifugae to be precise, most likely hungry and wanting to protect their area decided to attack me. I had never before experience such cuts and bites, such speed and ferocity upon my person. Inevitably my poor body resistance was put to the test and failed quickly. I must say and recognized that without my companions I may now be traveling the my next life or be floating into the netherworld.

With such companions, that barely knew me and still help the best way they could; I know I am in my place. I need to find my harmony, understand better the other’s point of view and their interest. I think I need to offer even more my support for us to succeed in our task and to hope to get more of these tasks so we can learn a more practical approach to magic, life and adventure.


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Orfée's nebulous thoughts

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Orfée's nebulous thoughts
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