Campaign of the Month: November 2018

The Red Hand

Orfée's first use of enchantment

this is a good ay so far. We are far from done by I am happy!!! Yes, finally today I was able to use my magic to help the group. The unlady like leader of the group of enemy that we meet before in our last tomb – temple I should say is now my best friend… I like being able to help people see the right side of things.

But to get there we had to fight our way inside this temple of knowledge… Firstly aiding the city again traveling here and there on errands and mission to help bring order in the city. We meet and investigated appearance of outerplanar creature summoned by a branch of the church in the city and not ashamed of cause collateral damage…

We meet this guy, Nakt Schepsis the highest ranking of what I can call the military branch of Nhetis church. He was defying the high priestess, without our intervention it may have been very bad results but we calm the situation and had to prove to him our mantle. Which we did but it was a closer call than we hoped for and it depleted us of some resources that we are desperately in need now….

In our investigation of this Knowledge place we found a secret passage which lead to a tomb. In this tomb that was dedicated to the Schepsis we found a shield that may be useful in our quest now – if only Mavrikos could wield it, I am sure we would much the better as a group. Killing more zombies and such monster yet again….

We are currently outside a room where we fought this things, an old granny or undead, anyway a head in a cage that controlled skeleton fighters. We did all we could to finally win the fight but it does not feel like victory. We have cower this head into telling us information, but she is the great-grand mother of the current chief of this cult of the mask, and apparently the mask we are seeking is hidden in this labyrinth of rooms somewhere…

I hope we will get there in time….


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Orfée's first use of enchantment

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Orfée's first use of enchantment
Cardinalis Fran_Horace

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