Campaign of the Month: November 2018

The Red Hand

Orfée's first day

“I must say the end of this first adventuring day is one special day. My companions and I continued exploring the tomb, finding a trap that threated to drown us all. I am wondering if I would ever do a good adventuress as I was not sure what to do. I was scared and at the same time fascinated by the ingenuity of the human race to think and develop such traps. In the same room, water to drown us, with electric pillar protection the sarcophagus of what we though was the warrior of this tomb which turn out to be a construct trying to eat us all! I would not have survived alone.

Well, the rest of the tomb was fairly ok. We managed to get by, explorer some more, find the 2 secret passages that the tomb had to secure the valuable of the noble warrior resting inside. Going back to the inn where we would reside the night over, I took a small rest and prepared myself for another adventure, the evening celebration. I was delighted to meet the Dog soldiers, a small band of Halfling very friendly with their dog mount. They were mourning their loses, mainly some of their valiant dog mount and some of their comrades. Most of which were against an infamous gelatinous cube a plague of ruins and such places, I hope we will not meet one tomorrow.

Well, what a surprise, Hasdrubal knows how to dance! This is a shame for me. He moves well and has a presence that seems to increase the atmosphere of the inn. I am happy for him that he holds his word true in paying beer to our Samir. This is unexpected I am happily surprised, I will have to learn how to dance it looks like fun enough and yet another adventure to try.

O my, what’s this? I will do so immediately, I will be ready in a few minutes… “

Standing up, moving quickly to Nasha, Orfée give him the wand of cure light wounds (25 charges left) acquired earlier in the day and insure he can use it to heal group the next day.

“Yes, I have been called home for an undetermined time, I will be back as soon as I can. Use this wand with care.”

And on these words, Orfée walks to her room, gather her equipment and step through the portal that opened for her…


First dance class is free!

Orfée's first day

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Orfée's first day
Cardinalis Fran_Horace

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