The Red Hand

Letter from the first Martyr of Sithrak

This scripture is said to be from the first follower of Sithrak after he received his punishment

To my three brothers,

I am overjoyed to write you my last letter as tomorrow, I will die. Tomorrow I will die but on my own terms. I was able to convince the jury to be tortured, unbound I shall remain for the whole session. Only sheer will and self-control will demonstrate I am freely accepting this agony. When I can no longer bear the pain and be ready to forfeit my life, cold-iron nails shall be driven into my eyes.

Blessed be the one who suffers.

I am overjoyed as I will endure suffering and make the final sacrifice in reminiscence of Sithrak himself. I do not expect all of you to understand, but be aware I am doing this to ease the suffering of others. I am innocent, I have committed no crime but willingly commute the sentence and amplify it to assuage universal pain.

Blessed be the one who suffers.

I am overjoyed as tomorrow I suffer and I die. No child should have to endure pain, no child should be punished to try to feed their family, no child should be flagellated for breadcrumbs. It is not I who shall judge the sins of others, but I to take away their ache.

Brothers, do as I did and take away the pain of others. Brothers, follow Sithrak’s footsteps.

Blessed be the one who suffers.

Yven, devout follower of Sithrak


Not an adventure log per sy, but just some fluff surrounding Sithrak diety.


I say it counts for bounties. :D


Seconded. Awesome read. Thanks for participating. Really means a lot (to me at least)!


No one appreciates it more than I.


Challenged accepted.
(stares appreciatively)


‘CowWarrior updated the adventure log post Letter from the first Marty of Sithrak’

First Marty?


LOL!!!!!! First “Marty” :D

Cardinalis CowWarrior

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