The Red Hand

Journal of Rhea Amelia Namtab - Part 4

Game 6 - Showdown under the Temple

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The last part of our journey in the Necropolis went about as well as could be expected. In other words, it was a complete disaster and we only survived – barely – because of sheer dumb luck.

I will admit to daydreaming while my cohorts investigated a secret room located in the corridor just outside where we cowardly zapped a stone guardian into rubble, which explains in part how a rogue wizard, sorcerer, assassin and cleric sneaked up and ambushed us. In hindsight, however, staying there in order to brush up on spell memorization that should have been completed in the morning might also been a poor idea.

The assassin trapped our big guns in the secret room, where they could not unleash their most powerful abilities in such close quarters.

Meanwhile, in the corridor, I stole the sorcerer’s breath with a spell, preventing him from unleashing a second spell unto my group, and causing him to flee to the next room. I cast invisibility and tried to locate the magical mask we thought was stolen from the secret room, hoping to pick pocket out of enemy hands and use it as a bargaining chip. No luck. And no mask within 400 meters…

I go on the offensive, trying to summon a monstrous rat, but am revealed by the wizard’s Glitterdust spell and subsequently subject to the sorcerers Shocking Grasp, disrupting my concentration and negating my spell.

We finally defeat the priest and the sorcerer. The assassin stops attacking in exchange for safe passage.

I opened a portal, and shout for Hasdrubal to bull rush the rogue wizard through the portal. I daze the leader, hoping we can isolate the leader by forcing her to teleport to the Academy.
Samir attempts the bull rush, but fails to push our foe into the portal. She turns invisible and flees, successfully.

After making a deal with the assassin for a share of the loot, we search the rest of the underground, defeat a powerful undead, leave two cariatid collumns alone, and retrieve the Akhat heartstone, but fail to locate the magical mask that used to be in a secret room we had found before we were ambushed.

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