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The Red Hand

Journal of Rhea Amelia Namtab - Part 3

Game 5 - The Sanctum of the Erudite Eye

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Eydan and I, through magical means, exchange magical knowledge throughout the night. He teaches me how to summon extraplanetary allies to aid us in battle, as well as his signature Flame Sphere spell, but is unable to make me understand basic necromantic concepts. Disrupt Undead remains beyond my grasp.

At dawn, our group makes its way to the central plaza to learn where our adventures will lead us next. We draw the Santum of the Erudite Eye, a temple dedicated to the god Nethys. On our way there, we hear some strange smacking sounds. I decide to investigate and we discover a well. Mavrikos informs us that the place is permeated with evil energies. My colleagues convince me that discretion is the better part of valour, and we leave.

Arriving at the temple, we notice there is a lingering enchantment in its very stones. We take the time to put up our Mage Armours and enter the vestibule. A magical fountain can be seen in the next room, but first we must deal with the skeletal jackals that have made their home in the piles of bones scattered in the entryway. Mavrikos and Hasdrubal do a great job in eliminating this threat.

We head west, and explore a series of monk cells. Zombie monks. Again, brute force (and a few Disrupt Undeads) make quick work of our foes. We continue towards the living quarters of the lesser priests. There, we find the remains of a zombie and a skeleton, both inanimate. Could someone else be here with us?

We enter the high priest’s room. A door leads to a library. Mavrikos finds a secret vault. Our usual trapfinder missing in action since last night, I attempt to use my powers of prescience to act as a substitute rogue. I disable a trap, unlock the vault, and am attacked by a face-hugging scroll for my trouble. My face suffers what must be a thousand paper cuts before the sentient scroll conveniently releases me and flies towards Orfée. Hasdrubal, whose weapon gets enchanted by Orfée, shows this paper foe why scissors always win. ^But it is Rhiallal who finally reduces our foe to a pulpy pulp with a well-placed Magic Missile.

And then, because the universe hates us, the library attacks.

And a Div shows up.

And it brought friends.

The Div uses a mental attack to force Eydan to flee. This is particularly effective as his portkey allows him a quick, one-way, escape. Despite Orfée’s best attemps, Eydan does just that and leaves.

I summon a small earth elemental to aid Hasdrubal in fighting the animated library, and create a pit at the feet of the Div’s pet demon, which is later revealed to be nothing more than an illusion. My colleagues rain spells againts the outsiders, while the library kills my elemental and attacks me, bringing me to the brink of unconsciousness. We then concentrate our attacks on the Div and library, while Rhialla’s summoned spider attacks the second outsider the Div summoned, some kind of demon with an eye for a head.

The library, damage, returns to its initial position and stops attacking, allowing Mavrikos to attack the eye monster, while Hasdrubal kills the Div. I look around for possible tools to allow me to fight and find two tablets, one which is magical, three scroll cases, and a wand, which I identify in the hopes it will holds something to attack with. It is an almost depleted wand of Lesser Restoration, not something that will be immediately useful.

I case Glitterdust on the eye monster and Rhialla. Both sparkle, but are not blinded. Hasdrubal manages a critical attack, which brings our last foe to his knees.

I attempt to hire the library, which is the spirit of the temple. We have until the next sunrise before it reforms and attacks again.

We finish identifying the items, heal ourselves and head back to town to meet up again with Eydan. We return to the temple, go north from the high priest’s quarters, take a scythe trap to the face, and find stairs heading down. The group decides to clear the first level of the dungeon before proceeding to the underground.

we meet with three individuals we first think are human, but end up being undead. I want to speak with them, but Mavrikos attempt to use his powers to check if they are evil sets them off into a murderous rampage. I guess they were evil. Eydan casts Burning Hands, and our group takes the trio down in a group effort. We loot the room and find a chalice, a silver tithing box and a ritual knife.

Finally, we head down the stairs. Rhialla gets stuck behind a gate with a stone guardian. I try to use my scroll of Knock, but fail to unlock the portcullis. Eyedan and I summon monsters to support the isolated Rhialla while Hasdrubal attempts to muscle the door open. He succeeds, and Rhialla escapes. We pelt the immobile guardian with ranged spells until it crumbles, defeated.

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An empty page must be foreshadowing that your PC dies in that temple?

Or a TPK?


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