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The Red Hand

Hostess against her will

My last adventure was somewhat special. I never thought I would be incarnated into another living being in such a symbiosis and then share her experience and knowledge, fear and love, vision and nightmares. She was so like me that it was hard for me to make the difference between us. She was one of faith and strong belief, I am as well. She cares genuinely for other as I do. She wanted as much as I a way to solve issues that does not mean killing people if it can be avoided.

I was sent there by Master Broju with the other of the group to get our friends out of this alternate place called earth. A world with almost no magic and technology that I do not fully understands. There we searched and found our friend Mavrikios and then start searching for Rhialla. We fought charmed semi-demon in a desecrated church and then found our friend, or should I say ex-friend as she did not want to return to our world. She gave us the device needed and we went to look for Anasthesia, the young princess of this place that Master Broju wanted us to get back.

I Anastasia palace prison we did find her, relatively quickly and had to dispose of a guard. We took refuge in the secret library where one of the local allies showed us. He started to perform the ritual to get Mavrikios and Anastasia back but we were force to protect it against soldier of the palace. We fought bravely and as long as we could but in the end our host where defeated and we came back.

I am still mourning your sacrifice, you devotion and courage to put yourself at such a risk, and pay such a prince for a master, magic and a world you barely knew. Your faith and devotion to our cause made you special in my mind. We shared something that cannot be shared among others, it was one of those blooming flower that faded just as quickly.

By your friend Orfé, know that you will be honored and remembered Tatiana Samarin.


Who are you and what did you do to Fran Horace?

Hostess against her will

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Hostess against her will

This was the most interesting blog I have read in days. Well I read reviews and that is really motivational thing. The blog was made on the hostess that if they allow the hostess to do the things on their will than they will definitely kill the people who tease and irritate them. Loved the article and irony in it.

Hostess against her will

This is a story of courage, bravery and great sacrifice which is really rare happening in our normal life span. I am very much impressed of story and I think it is a great story to tell.

Hostess against her will
Cardinalis Fran_Horace

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