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The Red Hand

Conundrum of Mavrikos faith by Orfé

Well, these last few days have been interesting. We have travelled to the old monastery of Mavrikos to find clues of where the next piece of our quest would take us. I must say it has become a spiritual challenge for our friend Mavrikos. Firstly the meeting with his old abbot tainted by mistrust and military display followed by the ruins of the monastery where we met an inquisitor of his church and defeat them barely.

I must say that it is unusual to be persecuted by one’s own church but apparently Mavrikos is one of those unfortunate of his faith. The interesting part of his faith is that a few of the believers think and worship both aspect of his god, one that is martial and just while the other represents death and some evil. But the people believing in both aspects see both gods as one that completes one and another.

I must say this conundrum is really interesting and challenging one’s beliefs, especially for Mavrikos that does not seems to be able to accept and realize what lay before him. His old abbot and mistress – I am pretty sure were – sorry, are adapt of the dual beliefs and are subtly influencing him in this way. From what I am seeing this is not working well, actual Mavrikos seems very resistant to this concept, and maybe even narrow minded in his unique belief. I am trying but I don’t see myself being able to past his armor of faith any time soon. All beings are balance against good and evil, law and chaos, life and death, black and white. This is a simple recognition of the complex part that create us as living beings and we are but part of a whole universe that transcend each and every one of us.

Well Mavrikos my friend, if you wish to talk balance and to some degree faith in life, I can certainly take the time. The great path of life is not one that can be understood in our first passage. I myself have been through the cycle at least once before and will most likely be for a few ones in the future. Take the time to balance your beliefs and in yourself, then I dare say you will know where lies your true path.


We’ll have to do an faith intervention with Mavrikos.


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