The Red Hand

Journal of Rhea Amelia Namtab - Part 4
Game 6 - Showdown under the Temple

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The last part of our journey in the Necropolis went about as well as could be expected. In other words, it was a complete disaster and we only survived – barely – because of sheer dumb luck.

I will admit to daydreaming while my cohorts investigated a secret room located in the corridor just outside where we cowardly zapped a stone guardian into rubble, which explains in part how a rogue wizard, sorcerer, assassin and cleric sneaked up and ambushed us. In hindsight, however, staying there in order to brush up on spell memorization that should have been completed in the morning might also been a poor idea.

The assassin trapped our big guns in the secret room, where they could not unleash their most powerful abilities in such close quarters.

Meanwhile, in the corridor, I stole the sorcerer’s breath with a spell, preventing him from unleashing a second spell unto my group, and causing him to flee to the next room. I cast invisibility and tried to locate the magical mask we thought was stolen from the secret room, hoping to pick pocket out of enemy hands and use it as a bargaining chip. No luck. And no mask within 400 meters…

I go on the offensive, trying to summon a monstrous rat, but am revealed by the wizard’s Glitterdust spell and subsequently subject to the sorcerers Shocking Grasp, disrupting my concentration and negating my spell.

We finally defeat the priest and the sorcerer. The assassin stops attacking in exchange for safe passage.

I opened a portal, and shout for Hasdrubal to bull rush the rogue wizard through the portal. I daze the leader, hoping we can isolate the leader by forcing her to teleport to the Academy.
Samir attempts the bull rush, but fails to push our foe into the portal. She turns invisible and flees, successfully.

After making a deal with the assassin for a share of the loot, we search the rest of the underground, defeat a powerful undead, leave two cariatid collumns alone, and retrieve the Akhat heartstone, but fail to locate the magical mask that used to be in a secret room we had found before we were ambushed.

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An Interlude
From crypts to auction house

Back at the Academy, our adventurer are debriefed and resume their studies, some relieved by the relative quiet, others missing the freedom of adventure. The teaching itself is relegated to older apprentices or other Academy members as the mentors seem otherwise occupied with research or other concerns.

Roughly one week after their return, as their old routine starts to set in, the disciples are each asked to accompany their master on an errand and led/teleported to the quarters of master conjurer Broju. Once everyone has arrived including Mistress Gyth’s walking tea pot, Vikkard reaches in his shirt and pulls out a small leather pouch tied to a chain around his neck. He reaches into the pouch and, after a few false starts, pulls out a black marble. As he takes the marble to his face and begins whispering to it, the adventurer’s vision begins to dim, the edges of the room darkening. In a few seconds, their entire room in which they stood fades from view, replaced by an endless expanse of darkness occupied only by the eight masters, the six disciples, a large table with eight eclectic chairs, each seemingly designed to reflect one master’s personality, and a walking tea pot. Wherever this place is there is no sound behind those created by their presence and even those seem to be eaten up by the darkness.

Each of the great mages takes a seat and, each in their own way, makes it clear to their disciple that they should stand a few feet behind their chair. Ogma asks Nasah to distribute the cookies she had him bring while her teapot approaches each master, offering a drink. As everyone settles down, master Skarlag, annoyed and impatient as always starts:

-They were supposed to get it Wolann, what did you do?
-I’m not a foundling to be spoken down to in this way, Therin.
-Of course not, Master Carrow, says Lyrion Tannister, but, you must admit this was not what we expected.
-Hmmph… Divination is no exact science.
-Perhaps this is because you do not approach it rationally, interjects mistress Guezult, obviously angering the old man some more.
-Don’t you start, Althea! I double-checked all the skeins, there are many variables, but they are still our best chance to collect the panoply.
-Then, what do the threads say should be our next step Wolann, asks Draktooth in his distinctive, grumbly voice.
-Ah, well, I had the chance to sift through Amelia’s recollection of the events and I believe their time in Whadi is not quite complete. There is an auction taking place two nights after their time in the Sanctum. This seems to be the strand to pull, if you get my meaning.
-I’d feel much more comfortable if Mavrikos was along for the trip, particularly with that zealot woman running around.
-I believe that was my price from the start mistress Kryseis, yes, asks Vikkard Broju. I need your zealot for me, yes?
-And a Tannister always pays his debts, adds Lyrion.
-Why did you say that?
-I don’t know, it seemed appropriate at the time… He shrugs.
-How are they getting along, Vikkard, asks Ogma.
-Who cares, interrupts Therin. The Rusk’s mission is of no concern to our undertaking. We will speak again once the disciples return from Whadi. He gets up.
-Stormmane will join them a little later, we still need to discuss his pitiful performance at the Sanctum.
He grabs Eydan’s upper arm and they disappear.
-That is that, yes?
Everyone stands and the darkness recedes, leaving everyone standing in Vikkard’s quarters as he slips the marble back in his pouch.

Samir's first taste of the Heavens

Today I will not bother to regal you with stories of my adventures, for today I met my end at the hands of of that hussy who had a screaming match with our former ally, Mavrikos (oh how I miss his skill with the blade! Moreso than making slight fun of his zealotry).
So got out of prison, joined the group, yady yada…

As I stood watch at the northern corridor while the scribes bickered over 2 theories regarding the clues in a hidden room (I mean, come ON people! A statue made to hold an object and that is empty handed…), we (and by “we”, I mean “I”) were suddenly ambushed by that angry wench and her foul henchmen. I was immediately struck with a ray of acid, which hurt like a prostitute’s private on herpes-day.

While I was reari g from the blow, that bitch quickly followed up with a burning hand spell, that surely killed me since darkness engulfed my senses. But I soon woke up in a room filled with beds and lovely ladies in skimpy outfits, all trying to get my attention with suggestive looks and smiles.

I needn’t have more clues and soon undressed, getting a kiss from one of these sweet, sweet angels. I reached to another one, but she seemed to recoil in disgust. Before I could react though, she shuddered in the ugliest orgasm face I ever saw in my life, but soon opened her eyes, smiled like the rest, and joined in on the fun.

I was busy getting busy, but as I was gasping in pleasure I looked into a miror and gasped in horror. My reflection was that of an obese monstrosity, a mix between a fat no leman and a fetid ghoul. I quickly shook my head and looked again. There I was! Sexy Samir, about to use his golden tongue in ways to make even a corpse sigh in pleasure.

It must have been that post-traumatic episode I was having, because I suddenly woke up to Orfée’s guarded look, watching my tongue perform some ridiculous (ONLY WHILE OUT OF CONTEXT I SWEAR!) motions.

Back to the living I was, with an earth-shattering erection in my trousers no less.
Awkwardly trying to hide my pitched tent, I stood up and joined the fray… only to be struck down another time.

Back to the harem I was, to the look of utter shock from the ladies (not to brag, but I do that allll the time with the ladiez!).

“Your punishment is back, priestesses! Now know my WRATH” a voice intoned. How sweet is THAT! I’m a punishment, whatever that means! Punish me more, whoever god you are! Teeheeheee…

Orfée’s middling got me back YET again to me making kissing sounds and giggling like a little girl… It is starting to be humiliating I’ll tell you that! Especially when our nemesis became invisible and I was waving my hands around in the corridor trying to prevent her from escaping… raging erection included…
But we’re now back at the Academy, with gold for our troubles! Time to spend it all in awesome trinkets!

And so end our first adventure away from the academie

Dear Journal

So our third day started of beautifully. After an exhilarating day exploring yesterday, we spent a great night out, slept and then we gather the next morning minus a few comrades for the assigning of the days explorations. We received some sort of temple to explorer. On the way there we found a well at an intersection that reeked and when Mavrikos cast detect evil, he almost past out. We noted its location to report to the Priests and bypassed the well and headed to our objective.

When we arrived at the temple, we entered and in the first room found some undead hounds???. With excellent coordination we dispatched them with ease. Then in tactical formation we advance into a winding corridors of the priests were we encountered a half dozen fast and tough Zombies. They were no match for us. We proceeded to the senor priest quarters and found a destroyed zombie body that was still warm for the flame that killed it. We then entered the library. In its tight confines we were attacked by 2 enemies, the first a fierce paper construct and the second a ponderous and resilient stone contract that was the Akat of the building. During this encounter a cruel spell was cast on me forcing me to return home, which is did with the portal key. The ignominies I suffered at the academy shall never be spoken of, but the perpetrator will suffer greatly for this insult. His ruin shall be long and lingering. A death by a though cuts will be too good for him. He will be nothing.

After returning to our hotel to regroup, I later learn from my friends that they destroyed the paper construct, parleyed a truce with the Akat and were barely able to kill an Aghash accompanies Doru Div. They also discover a tablet Rosetta stone and tablet indicating that some ancient horrible treasure was stored in the temple. We returned to finish the exploration of the main level. In the chapel we discover 3 undead priest of Nethys. After passing through a trapped corridor we found steps leading to the lower level.

The first room in the lower level was a waiting room with a portcullis door. We managed to open it with a knock spell and when one of my friends entered, it closed and the waiting stone guardian almost killed him. We managed to open it a second time and Mavrikos got trapped and almost died a well. Hasdrubal finally had to break the portcullis down for us to retreat to the waiting room. There we destroyed the statue from afar.

We then wander left and discovered a hidden room that had housed some great artifact, unfortunately someone had plundered the room shortly before us. As we explored the room, we were set upon by to mechanical serpents. After a difficult battle, we defeated them. We spent the next few minutes resting when one of the other adventuring parties that have previously

Idorii trap me and Nasah Tora in the chamber while my friend defeated the reminder of the group. She stopped attacking and negotiated a truce and filled us in if we let her leave the temple. She accompanied us back and left. We killed 2 more undead and found a few trinkets.
The Warrior and the Sheppard

Nasah got a message from Hasdrubal to meet him in the academy gymnasium. When he made his way there, he found the gymnasium to be relatively quiet. A couple of other wizards, who he suspect are transmuters like Hasdrubal, are sparing. Hasdrubal is by the archery range, flinging arrows. He is doing ok… but Nasah can tell it’s not his bread an butter. Hasdrubal catches his colleague approaching from the corner of his eye and turns to him.

«Have you brought your bow?»

Nasah pulls his longbow and strings it. Hasdrubal extands his hand, curious to try this elvish weapon.

He lets fly a couple of arrows, more centered than his previous ones, then returns the longbow to Nasah. «Impressive craftmanship…»

Hasdrubal steps aside to let Nasah the spot. «Now you try it.»

Nasah steps in, pulls an arrow and aim at the target.

Schtak! Bulleye

pulls another arrow… takes a deep breath…

Schtak! Bulleye

pulls another arrow… concentrates…

Schtak! Bulleye

Hasdrubal puts his hand on Nasah shoulder. «Ok, I’ve seen enough…»

«It is obvious you got a gift with the bow, Nasah. I don’t want to disrupt the plans Ogma has for you but I hate to see a martial talent go to waste. Surely you have heard of arcane archers? Archers that can use magic to empower their arrows with a magical payload… It is a path you should consider for yourself.»

Hasdrubal leans in and nudge nasah ribs with his elbow
«Plus… I noticed you had an eye for our friend Rhiella. It would be a good way to make an impression on her… You know women loves warriors…»

Nasah obviously taken by surprise as much by the elbow-nudge as by Hasdrubal’s words deeply blushes and incoherently replies back:

«Ahbhuah… heh.. Yes of course, I’ve might be caught once or twice to take a peek at her ‘features’ but I would’nt do… of course I’d do her… It’s not what I mean… But yeah woman sure loves imposing warriors with sweaty chiseled chests!!»

Nasah takes a deep breath, focuses back on his weapon, ceremonially un-strings his bow and puts it aside in an excruciatingly obvious way to try to regain his composure and then returns his attention towards Hasdrubal.

«Thank you for inviting me here. This is a nice distraction from all that book reading, scribing and getting bitten by all sorts of sand critters…»

The archer stares into the void and you can discern a hint of nostalgia.

«No, I never hear about Arcane Archers, I come from a small recluse village called Green Tops, nothing much happening there… See I am torn between my studies which surely will make a difference in the world and my love of archery and all what nature can offer. I will definitely look into this, combining both of my passions would be ideal!»

Hasdrubal nods.

«It would, my friend.»

«This life of lectures and studies… it sharpens the mind but it dulls the body. I can now wield magic, but I don’t let that define me.»

Hasdrubal unsheathes his falchion. «This. This defines me. I am a warrior. First and foremost. Know that there is no shame in such. Even within the confines of these walls.»

The apprantice necromancer, clearly inspired by his fellow student concludes:

«Thank you Hasdrubal, this little chat did me good. I think it’s time for me to take stroll in the woods. I need to feel the grass between my toes, smell the foliage and watch the butterflies dance around before I get back to my books…»

Closing my first adventure

Well, I am back to the academy. I am pleased with that, being finally in a safe environment where brain is supposed to be the prime moving force and not muscle. I must say that our last tour of this underground holy place stroke me as a place where serenity existed at one point and I am glad to have witness a small token of it, even ages after its demise.

Now I must get ready for more study, I have new spell to learn and of course prepare a suitable report to Mr. Tannister, I hope he will be in not a so good mood again as it will be hard to keep a professional demeanor. I have a grand choice in front of me, but I am not sure what to do.

Sitting down, Orfée start thinking about the choices before her and then slowing her respiration, going deeper into a trance, she visualized her options carefully. Some time later, rising up from the depth of her though process she stands up.

Well I feel refreshed by this new exercise, my choices are clear and the path I follow this time also is clear, I am hoping that time and my next life will support my current choices… Lets get to work now!

A little extracurricular gestalt research...

«I need you to leave. Now.»

Althea’s commanding voice violently pulled Hasdrubal from his slumber. Taken aback, Hasdrubal gathered his thoughts quickly. He found himself shirtless lying on the bed of his mentor lavish quarters, his entire body feeling sore. Althea was a demanding woman…

Althea was standing some distance from the bed having resumed to her ‘normal’ form of a graceful mature human woman, wearing an ornate white dress and an ermine cape. A pleasant form in its own right, but only one of countless others…

«Yes, Mistress.»

Hasdrubal straighten himself, catching in the corner of his eyes a necklace lying on the bed. Resting over the silk sheets was a star-shaped pendant whose chain had snapped. Hasdrubal immediately recognized her mentor arcane bond and realized he must had passed out on it.

With mischievous smile on the lips, Hasdrubal rose to his feet, scooped up the pendant and lobbed it back at its owner in one motion. Althea raised her left hand to catch the projectile, her dark blue eyes, having not left Hasdrubal, narrowed slightly. She resumed her pose, pendant still in hand, her cold expression hinting this was as far as she would allow him to tread. Hasdrubal returned to a more neutral mien as he continued dressing up, his eyes preserving a hint of defiance.

Althea preferred companions with strong character… but only up to a point. Dosed insubordination might keep her interest piqued but too much would incur her wrath and a lost of favour. She was not so forgiving of indiscretion however. Murmurs were that those could not hold their tongues vanished with nary a trace. Maintaining her interest was a precarious a game that required precautious maneuvering…

Althea had made clear that is was a purely recreational arrangement. She had promised no favors and Hasdrubal neither sought or expected any. In fact, in terms of career advancement, it might even have been detrimental, as he soon started to suspect she might be slightly tougher on him because of it. Perhaps it was to prove to Hasdrubal, and possibly herself, that her judgement in academic matter was not compromised in the slightest by these extracurricular activities…

Having finished dressing up, Hasdrubal bowed to his mistress and made for the exit.

As he approached the door, she interrupted him. «Hasdrubal» said Althea in a condescending tone. Hasdrubal turned to face her.

«Yes, Mistress.»

«I have reviewed the spell you submitted for examination. It is flawed but it did show… promise.»

Hasdrubal gave a final bow to his mentor and exited her quarters, swelling with pride.

An admission of adequacy from Althea Guezult was worth more than ten thousand flatteries from mentors of lesser station…

Thoughts from Orfée

Well, I must say that so far today was not a bad one at all. Ok we had our challenge like in the library where that paper scroll tried to kill Rhea and the library attacked us and then the bizarre monster with a head like a mouth; also the false cultist in the desecrated shrine without forgetting the zombies in the monk’s chamber.

I am happy; our little band of wizard is getting along fine. I think we are starting to get along and understand each other, move and act like a group of adventurer that have the same goal in commun and act as a real unit. I think the exploration of the underground of this ancient holy place will help us cement this unity and collaboration. We are getting there and it is exiting!

I am also happy that today I did not add any life threatening experience to my list of nightmares, it is a good thing and I hope it will continue to be for the rest of the day, I am crossing my fingers on this happy though!

Samir's Adventure log - Part 5 (the missed adventure through no fault of his own)

The Tooth and Hookah has a festive atmosphere tonight. The usual suspects from last night are all present in the common room.

As I scan the crowd my eyes meet Marro’s, that funny Halfling leader who likes dogs. We nod at each other briefly, but his welcoming smile (and the numerous beer tankards at his table) is as clear an invitation as any to join him. I leave my team of scribes to their spell writing and saunter off to the Halflings’ table with Hasdrubal in tow, ready for another night of revelry.

Their mood has greatly improved from last night. They are loud, boisterous and already half-drunk. They seem to have a new companion with them, who does not seem to share their high spirits. Maybe it’s the dog collar around his neck that puts him in a bad mood? Or maybe it’s the chain attaching his collar to the biggest Katapeshi fighting dog I ever saw. Khaffit is his new name, which is Whadian for “Idiot Man”. An improvement from his previous name I say. Dha-No… what a stupid sounding name! Ha!


As Hasdy and I take our seats we immediately start chugging beers left and right, while we swap stories of our day. We are really having a great time! So much so that I use my talents with comedy to tell the story of the day, while Hasdrubal interjects quips of his own, each claims getting more and more outlandish, testing the limits of my imagination (bastard!).

“Hey Samir, tell them about that bolt you took to the gonads while reloading!”

“How about when we saw that skeleton with a wooden phallus attached to its forehead!”

(I need to thank Hasdy for backing my stories each time, with a shit-eating grin no less!)

Khaffit’s eyes grow darker as I describe the prank I pulled against the thugs ambushing us, making them scatter in fear of the illusion. I use all my talents of comedy while I loudly question the intelligence of whoever hired a bunch of cretins such as them. When I quickly look at Hasdrubal, he discreetly nods at me. Our suspicion is confirmed: Mavrikos’ shouting opponent from the previous night is boiling in anger the more I insult the idiot who did the hiring. Hasdy scanned the crowd for such reactions and our fishing expedition was fructuous. We’ll have some confronting to do in the future it seems.


Hasdrubal and I start a friendly game of cards with our friends. Wagers are to be in beers. Haflings should be disadvantaged with this currency, right? Maybe when they’re good and drunk I can change the ante to cash. Eaaaasy pickings!


Holy crap can those Halflings hold their booze!


Hasdrubal ij jusht a quitter! Something about being ready to not die tomorrow! Hahahaha What ish he talking about? We advenchure things, we don’t die things! Hahahah Hasdrubal ish too drunk to make sense! Time to try this dwarven mushroom ale I’ve heard soooo much about.




Svercy, Marro’s lieutenant, ish talking about a crack in the wall of the Necropolis he shaw earlier today.

Hey. Hey… HEY! I got an idea! Why not <hic> why not try to find treasures inside the necrophiliac when no one’s around, eh! EH!? More tr <hic> more treashure when no one’s there, right? RIGHT?


Marro sheems unconvinced, that scaredy cat. Shomething about <hic> about guardjs and losing our heads. I never lost mine before, what is he talking about?


I found the perfect sholution! They can’t have us lose our heads if they don’t know who we are, right? RIGHT?! Ya that’sh right! Problem sholved! My friends app <hic> approve! We going to get rish tonight!




No one will recogniz us! We’ll all pretty ladies in dresh now! Hahahahaha! Even the dogs! Khaffit is crying now, muttering about a suit-size mishion or something? Bah! I calmly reassure him and I give him one of my mighty ring of fake magic, telling him the wearer is invishible when he wears it. Just a caveat though, doesn’t work with clothes! The gang plays along when he slips the ring on and when he get’s naked. We pranked him good hahahahaha!




We’re inside! Thish looksh like a great spot to explore! We let Naked Khaffit scout ahead. He opens the door and whaddaya know, another TARP! Another <hic> haunting with a high-pitched, shrill voice screaming about a women’s bash houshe or something with calling guards? That’s not scary mummy threats! We quickly flee the sheen though, giggling. There’sh bound to be treasure with no trap in this necropolish, right?




Sure are lotch of ghoulz walking the streets, but they’re all <hic> all< hic> shcared shitless of our lady dogs, ‘cause they just give us a wide berth, look at us funny and continue on their ghoulish way to eat adventurers, but not ush! Hahahahaha!
We’re the greatestsh adventuring party in the world!


We encounter our firsht mummy in thish alley we’re explorin’. It’sh lying on the alley floor, shnoring.

That’s a pa <hic> pathetic mummy! Doesn’t even have wrappings. Fiendlu hash wrappings with him. Hahahah that guy has everything! We gonna level-up that mummy real good so it’sh gonna become <hic> a worthy <hic> opponent. Teeheehee




Apparently the mummy wash too formidable for ush, or so Khaffit sayz. It woke up angry and gave ush sickness, because I vomited on it or shomething?




Why am I covered in magic powder and why do I want to eat bread?




I found magic rings! I’m a powerful wizard now! Fear me!




Oh no. Guards are looking at ush. They sure are courageous to be on doody in the necropolish. They can’t catch us or they’ll make us forget where our heads will be!
I calm everyone and whisper to them TO ACT COOL; I’LL TAKE CARE OF THE GUARDJS!


It worked! They believed we were lost damsels in the necropisslist! They offered to escort us to our inn. I think they’re in love with me hehehehe.




That’s not our inn! That’sh a guards’ inn! Bah! They shay it’s a free stay tonight. How can they make money when it’s free? Won’t they go out of business or shomthing?




Ow. My head. Where the hell am I? Oh. City’s dungeons.


Why am I dressed like a woman?
Why am I covered in flour?
Why do I have screw bolts on all my fingers?


Well, I’m missing adventuring injuries this morning. Damnit.


Nasah’s here to get me out! Yay! Time to go back to the Tooth and Hookah for a quick study and rejoin our group, if they’re still alive after a half day without yours truly.

Journal of Rhea Amelia Namtab - Part 3
Game 5 - The Sanctum of the Erudite Eye

– Previous Entry -

Eydan and I, through magical means, exchange magical knowledge throughout the night. He teaches me how to summon extraplanetary allies to aid us in battle, as well as his signature Flame Sphere spell, but is unable to make me understand basic necromantic concepts. Disrupt Undead remains beyond my grasp.

At dawn, our group makes its way to the central plaza to learn where our adventures will lead us next. We draw the Santum of the Erudite Eye, a temple dedicated to the god Nethys. On our way there, we hear some strange smacking sounds. I decide to investigate and we discover a well. Mavrikos informs us that the place is permeated with evil energies. My colleagues convince me that discretion is the better part of valour, and we leave.

Arriving at the temple, we notice there is a lingering enchantment in its very stones. We take the time to put up our Mage Armours and enter the vestibule. A magical fountain can be seen in the next room, but first we must deal with the skeletal jackals that have made their home in the piles of bones scattered in the entryway. Mavrikos and Hasdrubal do a great job in eliminating this threat.

We head west, and explore a series of monk cells. Zombie monks. Again, brute force (and a few Disrupt Undeads) make quick work of our foes. We continue towards the living quarters of the lesser priests. There, we find the remains of a zombie and a skeleton, both inanimate. Could someone else be here with us?

We enter the high priest’s room. A door leads to a library. Mavrikos finds a secret vault. Our usual trapfinder missing in action since last night, I attempt to use my powers of prescience to act as a substitute rogue. I disable a trap, unlock the vault, and am attacked by a face-hugging scroll for my trouble. My face suffers what must be a thousand paper cuts before the sentient scroll conveniently releases me and flies towards Orfée. Hasdrubal, whose weapon gets enchanted by Orfée, shows this paper foe why scissors always win. ^But it is Rhiallal who finally reduces our foe to a pulpy pulp with a well-placed Magic Missile.

And then, because the universe hates us, the library attacks.

And a Div shows up.

And it brought friends.

The Div uses a mental attack to force Eydan to flee. This is particularly effective as his portkey allows him a quick, one-way, escape. Despite Orfée’s best attemps, Eydan does just that and leaves.

I summon a small earth elemental to aid Hasdrubal in fighting the animated library, and create a pit at the feet of the Div’s pet demon, which is later revealed to be nothing more than an illusion. My colleagues rain spells againts the outsiders, while the library kills my elemental and attacks me, bringing me to the brink of unconsciousness. We then concentrate our attacks on the Div and library, while Rhialla’s summoned spider attacks the second outsider the Div summoned, some kind of demon with an eye for a head.

The library, damage, returns to its initial position and stops attacking, allowing Mavrikos to attack the eye monster, while Hasdrubal kills the Div. I look around for possible tools to allow me to fight and find two tablets, one which is magical, three scroll cases, and a wand, which I identify in the hopes it will holds something to attack with. It is an almost depleted wand of Lesser Restoration, not something that will be immediately useful.

I case Glitterdust on the eye monster and Rhialla. Both sparkle, but are not blinded. Hasdrubal manages a critical attack, which brings our last foe to his knees.

I attempt to hire the library, which is the spirit of the temple. We have until the next sunrise before it reforms and attacks again.

We finish identifying the items, heal ourselves and head back to town to meet up again with Eydan. We return to the temple, go north from the high priest’s quarters, take a scythe trap to the face, and find stairs heading down. The group decides to clear the first level of the dungeon before proceeding to the underground.

we meet with three individuals we first think are human, but end up being undead. I want to speak with them, but Mavrikos attempt to use his powers to check if they are evil sets them off into a murderous rampage. I guess they were evil. Eydan casts Burning Hands, and our group takes the trio down in a group effort. We loot the room and find a chalice, a silver tithing box and a ritual knife.

Finally, we head down the stairs. Rhialla gets stuck behind a gate with a stone guardian. I try to use my scroll of Knock, but fail to unlock the portcullis. Eyedan and I summon monsters to support the isolated Rhialla while Hasdrubal attempts to muscle the door open. He succeeds, and Rhialla escapes. We pelt the immobile guardian with ranged spells until it crumbles, defeated.

– Next Entry -


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