The Red Hand

The auction night - by Orphée

A full week of rest, study and enjoyment of peace and research. I must say I enjoyed it and wish it lasted longer but our masters have decided otherwise. After meeting with our masters in a secret room, I understood that we missed our main objective which was to retrieve a special item. On the other hand, the politics of the academy is more complex than I thought and more subtle than I wish. But the conversation was around was we missed and how to get another chance at securing it. My understanding of it was simple, our masters would craft some sort of enchantment to send us to the night of the auction for us to have a chance at getting it. After reflection, the night of the auction if 5 days past, this is very powerful magic to send us back in time…

We are now back at the tooth and Hooka, readying ourselves for the auction. I did negotiate many things we wish to sale for a more than reasonable price. I am happy for once my specials skills are useful to the group and hopefully to the academy as well. Well the auction went well I should say until zombies attacked. For some reason they were after a blacksmith that wanted to buy some of his skill knowledge items. We saved his live by killing the zombies, the crawling hands that came after and the mummy that got out of the secured safe where the auction items were. I must say this was a weird evening.

I got worst when we realized that the city was besieged by zombies all over and the poor city guards were overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of zombies, they are everywhere. Well we decided to act and give a hand. We found an empty cart with many zombies that we defeated. But the cat itself was a strange one, one belonging to the silver chain – as far as we can tell. They are a group of corpse smugglers. This sounds like a terrible mistake at this time as the animated zombies are all over the place and some seemed to have been corpses that were being smuggled.
I can say only this: it will be a long night…


Cardinalis Fran_Horace

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