The Red Hand

Crime and... (1 of 2)

As soon as precautions had been taken to ensure young Goldentongue was outside the room’s wards, Vithnya turned to Master Pithic, barely containing her anger.

-So, Master Pithic, what exactly was the point of this? What did you hope to accomplish?
-Well, uhm, you see, I wanted you to have a chance to see what we are working with, and, uhm, the young man’s potential.
-Then I’m afraid the rumours regarding your ineptitude fail to do it justice.
Pithic’s eyes widened at the venomous accusation.
-Everyone knows why you got this promotion. A poor mediocre excuse for a mage, the Headmistress dumped this case on you to avoid wasting an actual wizard’s time, but you weren’t even able to curtail this buffoon’s antics.
-Well, uhm… May I remind you, Mistress Vithnya, of my position, said the old man, obviously rattled by the evoker’s tirade.
-Ah, she scoffed. And where do you think you’ll be when this is over?
-I will be officially recommending his termination.
-I’m afraid Master Draktooth has formally spoken for his pupil.
-You are an even bigger fool than I thought Pithic!
Korith placed a calming hand on Vithnya’s shoulder, hoping to stop her before she went to far.
-No, Korith, get your hands off me. It’s time somebody put an end to this child’s campaign of terror and if this sniveling glorified scribe won’t do it, I will. You see, Pithic, unlike you, I won’t get bogged down by that apprentice’s illusions of ‘rights’ and ‘evidence’. He is guilty of the greatest transgression possible in this institution: failing to respect one’s betters. I have at least five full masters willing to support me. Old Draktooth may be connected, but even he cannot prevent this.
-Mistress Vithnya! Are you sure you I cannot make you reconsider. I assure you; I have a more fitting punishment in mind that will allow us to teach young Goldentongue a lesson and, hopefully begin his rehabilitation and I have the full support of Mistress Eadneyth. The School of Illusion would greatly prefer to keep this an internal matter…
-Ah! Don’t make me laugh. Eadnyth obviously doesn’t care about this case and is too lazy to realize how badly you bungled this and the School of Illusion can die in a fire for all I care. Coldspire would be better off without those time-wasting charlatans! And, rest assured! Once this is done, I will make sure you also get what you deserve.
-I was afraid that would be the case.
Pithic’s nervousness was gone and his voice had taken on an assured quality as he stood up. With a quick flick of his wrist, he dismissed his illusory disguise. Vithnya had no choice but to stop mid-diatribe, her contempt replaced by fear.
-One would have thought that you would have taken a second to consider exactly where you are, but no, you are too proud and bull-headed to remember that nothing is never what it seems here.
-Oh! Sir, I’m sorry! Had I known.
She was backing away from him.
-But, you didn’t and assumed that you knew better than Eadneyth and all of my peers…
-Please, no! Korith, do something!
She looked desperately at the young man, but Korith was obviously avoiding her gaze.
-This is the part of the job I hate the most… Or is it? Regardless, I imagine you know the penalty for, how did you refer to it earlier? Ah, yes…
The wizard took on Vithnya’s form and demeanor.
-The greatest transgression possible in this institution: failing to respect one’s betters.
Desperate, Vithnya started muttering incantations, but Korith had already taken position behind her and, as his blade transpierced her, Pithic was once more standing in front of both of them, a sad look on his face.
-I’m sorry Korith, this should not have been your duty. I know she was your friend.
-My duty is to the Academy sir, but I appreciate the thought.
-Be that as it may, we are not monsters. Well, most of us anyway.
He looked down at the dying Vithnya, tears streaming from her eyes and a small tricke of blood at the corner of her mouth.
-Master Korith was here at my request to steer you away from this eventuality and, while he may not have succeeded, he at least kept you from making things far worse at the end. Thanks to him, your punishment ends here… Count yourself lucky. For what it’s worth, you may not believe me, but I was speaking truthfully about young master Goldentongue. It is past time for him to get his comeuppance. Hopefully, he will appreciate the learning opportunity more than you did.
He gently brushed the hair away from her face and looked her in the eye.
-And don’t worry, we will make sure that your daughter is well-cared for.
Vithnya sighed and closed her eyes, letting herself go.
-I wonder if you would have shown Samir the same kindness… Korith, please make the necessary arrangements. I need to pay young Goldentongue a visit.



Crime and... (1 of 2)

uh oh…

Crime and... (1 of 2)

The question is, was Pithic always an alter-ego or that he assumed the form of a real person this one time.

The other thing is that Transmutation is actually superior to illusion cause you can change into other things for realz instead of mere parlor tricks. Draktooth is just upset Vithnya was telling it straight. :D

Crime and... (1 of 2)

‘twould certainly change things on Samir’s impending ass-kicking for sho.

And as for the other one, who’s dead again…? ;oP

Crime and... (1 of 2)
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