The Red Hand

A Long-Awaited Reunion

As Mavrikos and Anastasia materialized in Master Broju’s laboratory, the smell of smoke still clinging to their bodies, Vikkard rushed over and took Anastasia in his arms, tears streaming down his face.
-Oh! Anastasia!
-Wha… Who? Vikkard? Lord above, what ever has happened to you? You are so… old…
-I will explain later, but now is not the time, yes? How are you? Are you well?
-Yes… Oh! My sister! Where is Maria?
-Your sister? I’m afraid only you and the paladin made it through… Perhaps Rhialla was unable to power the ritual completely? Master Carrow and I will look and see what can be done.
Carrow nods.
-In the meantime, please follow Master Tannister to your quarters. I believe you need rest, yes? We will speak later.
Tyrion extends his hand to young woman and takes her away from the room, surreptitiously casting a soothing spell at her.
-Oh! You look like that small man that fixes our mekanical toys.
The remaining masters turn towards Mavrikos.
-Now, little warrior, you will tell us what happened, yes? And where is my apprentice?

Throughout the evening, the rest of the group returns to their bodies in various states of panic and the masters get each apprentice to replay the events of their time on Earth. Their stories told, they are dismissed to allow the masters to discuss their next moves.


Did Broju switched to the Italian Accent of looove when he saw Anastasia? ;oP

A Long-Awaited Reunion
Cardinalis Cardinalis

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